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the story of the haunted rubber ducky


My name is Jack, and I am a big fan of rubber duckies. I am currently trying to collect every single rubber ducky in existence, but that's going to be a pretty hard goal to achieve. I currently own 9,999 rubber duckies. I eat, sleep, and breathe rubber ducks. Literally. I eat a nice big rubber ducky for breakfast every morning, (that hurts my collection, but a man's gotta eat, eh?) and I sleep in my rubber ducky bed every night. And I enjoy huffing the air from inside the ducks. Anyway, this is my story of finding a haunted rubber ducky. I was calling my friend (who is also obsessed with rubber duckies) about where to get my fix. (of rubber duckies) He told me that there was a dealer that lived near me, and I could get some ducks for dirt cheap. I immediately hung up and ran as fast as I could to the dealer's house. The house was a huge rubber ducky. My mouth started watering. I jumped up and took a big honkin' bite out of the beak and began to inhale the delicious air from inside. Suddenly, the dealer burst out of his house and shot my butt with a BB gun. I fell down and hurt my back, but I was still too high off of the rubber fumes to care. The dealer said that he would forgive me if I did him a favor. He said that I would have to take care of a rubber ducky that he owned. I instantly accepted, without asking a single question. he gave me a blue ducky with one eye and spikes going down its back. It looked pretty cool. I put it on my shelf and took some pictures. I posted the pictures on my favorite rubber ducky forum, and many people began to warn me that it was haunted or something. I looked behind me, and it was gone. I walked into the living room to look for it, and it was sitting down and watching TV. he was watching the rubber ducky channel, the only channel I have. I turned it off and tried to grab the duck. The duck was pretty pissed. It jumped up and bit my nose, then it grew a thousand feet tall. It crashed through my ceiling, and began to eat the buildings around it. It was going on a rampage. It possessed my other duckies, and they began to zoom around the city like bees, attacking all the people. The police got involved, but bullets didn't work. Then I had an idea. I could eat it! I began swallowing the little ducks and I could see that the big duck was getting smaller. I kept eating the ducks until the big one was as small as my house. I jumped up and bit it, and sucked up the air. It shrunk to a normal size duck, and I put him back into my collection. THE END

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