Welcome to the junk drawer. Here you will find old junk and other oddities I toss in here.

    | THE NEWS!!!! |
    |Earth dwellers beware, as there has been a gigantic eyeball spotted orbiting the planet while firing lasers.|
    |It's nothing that bad, just hide under a rock or something. It's seriously not that big of a deal.          |
    |The REAL breaking news is that there is a sweet new game that you can't play! Seriously, it's a zero player |
    |game. You just watch it play itself, and it's GREAT! hook it up to a big screen TV and grab your popcorn for|
    |hours of exciting entertainment! What are you waiting for? Click the link below to play!                    |
    |INSTRUCTIONS: The humans have to get all the coins, but the zombies will infect them. Press space to toggle |
    |maps. And remember, don't have fun!                                                                         |

Resident not Nice: 1 Player zombie shooting action! (Inspired by Capcom's Resident Evil series)

HAIR RAISING SHAMPOO GALAXY: Scrapped and unfinished Hair Raising Shampoo Horror game.

Image from scrapped roguelike game that used to be up on the site Images from a TAOPO 3 April fool's day game reveal