how to play the random maze test

(this game is in the 0.4 ALPHA phase of development)


step one: open the "random maze test rolls" link in a new tab.

step two: choose a direction you want to go and interact with the dice object.

step three: get your roll and click on the number that you got to explore the maze.

v 0.1 update: if you get a chest, interact with the chest object to find out what you got. if you get an anti-monster spell, you can use it once to escape a monster. if you get a pickaxe or seeds, you can't do anything with them. (until i add a cool new update) if you get socks, you can use them to warm your feet.

v 0.2 update: if you encounter a monster, you must play an enemy encounter. open the "enemy encounter rolls" link in a new tab to start.


when you get a random encounter, interact with the blob item to see what enemy you are up against. write the stats down on a piece of paper. you should also write down your hp (100/100) and your xp. use the roll object on the left to attack the monster. your base attack is 2. take your base attack and add the attack roll you got to get your attack number. subtract this number from your monster's hp. you can also use your turn to spend xp on spells using the roll object on the right. the monster also has an attack roll, so use that after every turn you use. subtract the monster's attack number from your own hp. always remember that your battle damage carries over to other battles. after defeating a monster you can use the other roll object to collect some sweet, sweet, xp. have fun!

v 0.3 update: you can now mine for ores!


when you get a pickaxe from a chest, you can use it to mine ores in the mining rooms. the mining rooms have cracks and ores in the walls. after you mine, you can interact with the stone being mined in the movement rolls area to see what you got. you can then interact with the shopkeeper next to it to rade in your bountiful finds.

v 0.4 update: if you make it to the end, you must battle a boss. do this by interacting with the other slime monster and play a battle like normal. if you defeat the boss, you win.


every time you get 50 xp, you can spend the xp on leveling up. every time you level up, you can add one point to your base attack, or you can choose to gain three ores of your choice.

tips: going forward gives you a higher chance of dying. don't go forward. going right gives you a higher chance of getting the exit, but also a higher chance of dying. it's kind of a gamble. going left gives a very low chance of getting the exit, but it's more random than the others.