welcome to the devlog!!!

   [march 3rd 2019 (v. 0.0 test)]
   - added the game
   the game is in the 0.0 test phase as of now. i created this to test the random maze generation system i came up with.
   i don't really have a name for the game, but it might be called something like: "siddikinz three-dee maze dungeon".
   i want to add an xp system. maybe you can find xp rooms and spend your xp on chests or something 
   [march 7th 2019 (v. 0.1 chest update)]
   - added chests
   you can get good stuff or bad stuff from the chests.
   you can get seeds and spells and even socks!!!
   you can also get instant death but who cares? you can win comfy socks!!!
   [march 7th 2019 (v. 0.2 battle update)
   -added random encounters
   woah, i did some night time game development! i better get to sleep.
   now you can do battle with monsters!
   hope you like turn based combat, because that's what i added!
   [march 8th 2019 (v. 0.3 mining update)
   -added mining
   you can now use the pickaxe to mine some cool ores!
   after mining, you can trade your ores for items!
   [march 16th 2019 (v. 0.4 boss update)
   -added boss battles
   -removed insta-death dead ends
   now you have to fight a boss to win!
   also, i got rid of annoying insta-death dead ends!
   [v. 0.4.1 mini update!]
   -added leveling up